About Us

Anannya Prakashan is one of the old and renowned publishing houses in India. We are based in New Delhi. We have been a pioneer in developing and publishing quality educational books for the pre-primary, primary and high school students. The variety of subjects published are- English, Mathematics, Information Technology (computers), General Knowledge, Environmental Science, Value Education, Art and Craft, English and Hindi copy-writing books and so on. We also publish regional language books such as Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. Ever since its establishment, our company has been consistently adding to its publications with each successful growing year.

Recruiting highly qualified and experienced authors for the development of the content of the books, editing and proof-reading by the experts and publishing extraordinary high quality books have never been an accident; it has always been a result of high intention, sincere effort and focus on the latest research and findings, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Our books are carefully and a attractively designed by experts to make the learning process interesting, creative and fun. Today, Anannya Prakashan is well known among the leading academic publishers in India.



 ·    High manufacturing capabilities.

 ·    Self explanatory content in the books.

 ·    A dedicated team of experienced authors, editors, designers, content-developers, marketing and sales people.

 .    Wide distribution network.

 ·    Market expertise.

 ·    Reputed clients.

 ·    Quick order processing.



 ·    To be the leader in providing the utmost quality of knowledge through our publications, that would build a strong foundation for the future of the student.


 ·    To be the touchstone of quality. Every effort at Anannya Prakashan is directed towards the goal of attaining impeccable quality of learning in our books. Strict procedures are followed and experienced people are assigned the duty of keeping a regular check on the updating of the content of our books. We ensure that only the best is delivered to our students.

·    To be the prized possession of both educator and student.

We have a wide sales and distribution network. Our sales team is propelled by Director-sales, assisted by Business Development Head, Regional Head, Zonal Managers, Territory Managers, Senior Marketing and Sales Executives. The company has its stockists in various states of the country for the ease of fulfillment of the needs of booksellers and schools. Outstanding research, exceptional books, and innovating marketing have created a unique blend of quality and a affordable books. Our company leads by example.We are visualized to be a recognized and reputed global enterprise.

It will be unwise not to state about the visionary soul who undertook so much strain in establishing and taking our company to heights- Shri Rameshwar Dass Gupta; the man who took the herculean task in shaping the company structure; the man who took all the efforts to ensure that the company and its associates progress and develop towards a bright future.